Monday, November 22, 2010

Greens candidate says Greens plan for Hazelwood “highly simplistic” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The Greens split on their crazily irresponsible policy to shut Hazelwood, responsible for a quarter of Victoria’s electricity:

A GREENS candidate in the Latrobe Valley has launched an attack on the party’s Melbourne-based MPs, accusing them of proposing ‘’highly simplistic’’ climate policies ...

Cheryl Wragg, a former Labor member and former adviser to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, is running for the Greens in the upper house seat of Eastern Victoria. She said a plan to close and replace the Hazelwood coal power plant by 2014 crafted by Greens MP Greg Barber was not part of the party’s platform…

Ms Wragg, who calls herself an ‘’industrial Green’’, suggested that Mr Barber’s stance was pitched at inner-city voters and did not reflect the views of people in central Gippsland....Read more

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