Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A MUST READ: European climate, Alpine glaciers and Arctic ice in relation to North Atlantic SST record | Watts Up With That?

Posted on September 26, 2010 by Anthony Watts
In my opinion, this essay is a must read because it clearly illustrates correlation between ocean cycles to; Arctic ice loss and gain, glacier advance and retreat, and land surface temperature rise and fall. As I said graphically in a previous post......Read full article

Monday, September 27, 2010

Global warming is dead. Long live, er, 'Global climate disruption'! – Telegraph Blogs

President Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren is worried about global warming. Having noticed that there hasn’t actually been any global warming since 1998, he feels it ought to be called “global climate disruption” instead. That way whether it gets warmer or colder, wetter or drier, less climatically eventful or more climatically eventful, the result will be the same: it can all be put down to “global climate....... Read full article

Comment: Let's have a name change to confuse the masses, let's change the rules, the goalpost anything to keep these pesky inquisitive humans divided and arguing among themselves while we quietly work out more draconian ways to enslave them with our fake hot air tax and other fancy names yet to be introduced, that will teach them to stand in the way of us, the elite wealth controllers and population police.
For heavens sake we only control 90% of the worlds' wealth already there are still a few monetary considerations to soak up from the poor and destitute, they are putting up some resistance though and unfortunately are seeing through our scams. So lets forget about global warming, cooling and other such terminology, let's have one with the lot Global Climate Disruption, hot, cold, lukewarm doesn't matter this one will cover all situations, we just change the name of the tax to GCD tax, gotcha guys, get out of that one, our smart A$$ armies of solicitors and legal buddies worked that one out for us.
Furthermore, our gangster friends, whoops, that should read banksters have wonderful plans for all your spare cash, superannuation funds, savings we are going to divide it up among cohorts and politicians on the payroll. We are only about 1% of the worlds population but we are laughing all the way to the bank, thank you suckers who thought you elected democratic governments with your interests at heart.
We have a new bunch of friends in Australia, (sort of elected by a gullible misinformed public that were led like sheep to the slaughter, wonderful help that red haired lady) , who will hopefully be collecting our cash for us. Nice one Joolya, "no there won't be a Carbon Tax, ah the powers of the mass media and pollies who lie a little"
Some payoffs need to be made in third world countries to a few despots and dictators who make a bit of noise if a few silver pieces does not come their way. See you at the next Bilderberg meeting, keep the location a secret though.