Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warmists hate not only humans, but the dogs that love them

Matt Smith is a journalism lecturer and thus, of course, a global warmist of the more puritanical kind:

Serving up Fido as an entree might be a bit extreme, but one of the most effective ways you can make an impact on your ecological footprint is by not owning a dog… When it comes to an ecological footprint, a dog is the equivalent of two Toyota LandCruisers…

The fact that a family pet is such a way of life in the Australian culture is damage enough. Even if we widened our palate to include dogs, that wouldn’t stop people owning pets…

What would be most effective is for people to think hard before buying a pet. It might be better to grow some plants instead. At least plants are edible.....Read more

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  1. I've often wondered where they come up with these so-called statistics. I live in the USA and this is the first I've heard of this. The USA's main stream media probably did not report it because they don't want pet owners rising up in arms against the green movement.

    Is there a place on the net called Alarming Facts dot com where they get their info from??


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