Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gillard still trying to flog a dead (carbon) horse?

Does the Australian Prime minister expect bill paying Australians to believe the totally unrealistic, untruthful and deceitful rubbish that she is saying
about a "Carbon Price"

This attempted money grab by this disintegrating collection of left wing master propagandists is so pathetic that even rusted on labor voters are starting
to question why they should be caught in a continual spiral of energy hikes and telling us that more dramatic rises are in the pipeline caused by very bad
government policy.

Carbon price means a carbon tax simple as that, why deceive people into believing it is some magic formulae for solving a problem that doesn't exist.

Nature has and always will find its own way of balancing, has done so for billions of years and without a tax on pat of the air that is necessary for life.
The carbon religion that has evolved in recent times is nothing more than a wealth plundering and distribution scam by the worlds money movers and shakers, they have been somewhat successful how else could millions of people be duped into believing a draconian tax on carbon is going to change nature.

Fortunately, more individuals are questioning the credibility of this gigantic hoax as politicians run for cover as folks seek the truth.
Strong and Gore should be ashamed of themselves. However, they won't be not as long as the smell of ill gotten billions remain on the horizon ready to be redirected to themselves and cronies on the gravy train.

The only thing that will stop this assault on people's wealth will be the ballot box and politicians with guts, foresight and honesty. Not the corrupted ones with negotiable pockets that seem to be breeding at this point in Australia's political landscape. Hypocrites swanning around the world producing the very stuff they are against to be seen and heard at the next carbon talkfest.
Australia needs more politicians like Cory Bernadi a quality straight talking right to the point individual. Cory we need you.

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