Climate chains blog

The goal of this blog is to enlighten folks worldwide on what appears to be the biggest attempt in the history of mankind to divert billions of dollars annually.

Through something called an Emissions Trading Scheme, Governments through their powerful masters, the bankers and faceless power brokers with influential  media cronies are finding it increasingly difficult to implement  carbon tax regimes and Cap and Trade exchanges on their citizens after the world has woken up to this great fraudulent hoax.

Where did it all start? Possibly in the 1970s by a Canadian businessman who eventually started a virtual religion out of Global Warming.

Many powerful  figures joined the movement vultures smelt the possibility of a vast amount of wealth that could be redistributed to their coffers if the whole world could be convinced that an imminent and dangerous crisis affecting the planet and life upon it was present.

Science had to be created to fit into their criteria and computer models supposedly designed to predict future global warming trends, through mankinds excessive production of gases including CO2 (just happens to be an essential ingredient for life on earth}.

The Copenhagen talkfest by true (or bluffed) believers didn't go as expected for the manipulators due to disagreements about the processes by various countries and the release of thousands of emails from the EAU showing that the science wasn't as settled as the world was led to believe, and the debate was far from over.

Many folks investigating the flawed figures supplied by scientists pushing the AGW theory found many discrepancies, money trails leading right to the top of world banking conglomerates and a few individials with huge interest in setting up Emission Trading Schemes to enrich themselves beyond imagination.

The amounts will eventually be Trillions of Dollars if this wealth if ever misappropriated as they are desperately trying to do it will divert much wealth from poor people in Rich countries to rich despots, cronies and dictators in poor countries.

The scam has been set up to control the world's population, their lifestyles, their freedoms and to forever enslave them into a modern day Serfdom system.