Friday, September 3, 2010

Greens, the unelected defacto government in Australia?

The Greens support the following DANGEROUS policies…….

The Greens support “One World Government”. So much for Australia’s Sovereignty!

The Greens advocate the destruction of the Australian Coal Industry. Hope you don’t enjoy using electricity, and like being COLD and eating raw food!

Australians must remember that a vote for The Greens IS a vote for Gillard/Labor and a vote for an ETS/carbon trading!

Oh and also The Greens support DEATH DUTIES!
Not satisified to screw you over when you are alive with a carbon tax based on the FRAUD of man made global warming, tey also want to screw you over WHEN YOU ARE DEAD ALSO!

You do all realize that the NASA Satellite Temperature Data being used to support the man made global warming science fiction has just been shown to be erroneous….

Why not listen to an interview with a politician from New Zealand where a TREASONOUS Emmissions Trading Scheme has been forced on the population to see what an enormous detrimental effect it has had on their society.

Alan Jones talks to Rodney Hyde – New Zealand MP on the impact of an ETS…..

Thank you William

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