Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carbon trading is really a tool of deception.

How can anyone trade in nothing but hot air? Perpetrators of this relatively new way of easing cash out of unsuspecting investors are morally spiritually, and ethically bankrupt.
Already Europe is finding it will be subject to fraud from the organized crime syndicates (disguised as "climate experts}. Trading in expired "Credits" has already found its way into the system. Imagine when these syndicates realize the billions that will be able to be manipulated into their coffers.
There will be some very rich despots, dictators, cronies and other vultures involved once they work out the finer points and mechanics of the system.
Whoever it is involved in organizing this unwanted system of extortion needs to be publicly exposed, their ill gotten wealth confiscated and put in the slammer for a long time. Hard to do as these are the same creeps who own the media, own some the worlds so called democratic governments, control most of the world's seed sources, water supplies, energy sources, banking systems.
Their eventual intention to impose an unelected world government answerable to no one is gradually being put into operation. Folks you have never heard of are making laws and legislation that you have never agreed to, with the sole aim to control every facet of your life by using any means they decide through advanced mind control food, water, health all on their agenda to enslave citizens everywhere.
Far fetched? Count how many freedoms you have lost during the last 10 years or so.
Terrorism, fake pandemics, subliminal messaging and their false prophets constantly manipulating science, feeding us poisons and modifing our food and water sources, all part of their agenda to divide and conquer.

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